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Instructional Photo Workshops or Guided Photo Tours -  Which one is better for me!


There are two type of photography based field events conducted these days. Guided Tours and Instructional Workshops. Each is geared towards specific audience and their specific needs.  Neither is good or better than the other. It is all about matching a participant's aspirations and expected outcome to the selected approach. Some like to go get it done "take the shot" approach, while some strive for acquiring the right artistic and technical skills and the knowledge to apply these skills in variety of situations to order to chart their own personal style.

Guided photo tour is where the leader takes the group to popular locations and/or puts participants in "the spot", and possibly tells which specific focal length to use and where to point the camera and press shutter.  There are people who prefer to take this approach for variety of reasons.  

Instructional Photography Workshop is where the leader provides very hands on guidance, coaches about 'Why' in addition to 'How' about various decision points a photographer makes in the field. and transfers knowledge  In these events leader offers technical and artistic instructions matched to individual needs. 

In instructional workshops, important consideration should be that the leader is very familiar with the location, has experience not only in photography but also in productive engagement with different personality types, and of course in teaching and inspiring.


Workshop approach of Irfan Soomro Photography


My workshops are very instructional and focused on teaching the necessary skills to analyze, compose and capture a scene and subsequent post processing in digital darkroom. For me, understanding a participant, and helping develop each participant’s artistic vision is a very important.  These factors define the appropriate tools and their correct field usage to capture the light in the desired artistic way.  For this reason, my groups spend as little or as much time at each location as needed and defined by individual skill levels, composition potential of the scene and interest of participants. I love coaching, developing and polishing photographic skills – Artistic and Technical as both skills are equally critical to be successful in one's photographic journey.  I believe in empowerment and transfer of my experiential knowledge with behind the scene reasoning which prepares participants to apply techniques in variety of situations once the workshop is over.

I have taught as a leader in field workshops and in professional universities. I have been trained for and personally believe in knowing and understanding each participant, their skill levels, individual needs and aspirations and lead them accordingly during workshop. I understand some may require more hands-on time and 1:1 coaching than others and its perfectly OK. This is why I keep workshop size small.  My aim is to help you improve your skills and be better in your pursuit of photographic journey.


Workshop -  Environment and Permits

Irfan Soomro Photography is an environment friendly business. Its workshops operate under Leave No Trace principles.  I request cooperation from participants to Leave Only Footprints and Take Only Memories,  and , of course photographs :-) while in the field.


Irfan Soomro Photgraphy is fully licensed and insured business. It conducts workshops with applicable permits and under the rules and regulations of the State Parks and National Parks Service.


Logistics, Preparation and Gear

I send detailed informational packets after a participant signs up, however listed below are some general recommendations to get you started..

General Recommendations

Photographic Gear:

Camera:  Any DSLR (point and shoot camera will work, however,  it may limit the artistic creativity potential of a scene)

Lenses:  One lens each covering the three main ranges.  1. wide angle (14-24mm),  2.  standard (24-70mm) and 3. telephoto (70-200mm). Circular Polarizer, 3

Filters:  Circular polarizer and 3 Stop ND Filter. For coastal workshops 10 Stop or higher ND filters are preferred.

Other:  Few charged batteries and a charger, solid tripod,  ample number of memory cards depending on your camera.

Laptop: For post processing and backing up your memory cards.

Dress:  Dress requirements vary from location to location and season. Detailed, location specific recommendation will be emailed after registration. A general rule of thumb is to bring clothing suitable for outdoors with some warm layers, gloves and rain gear. Expect temperatures to vary between 40 to 70-75 degrees

Foot ware:  "Good quality, slip resistant foot wear is very critical" to be comfortable as we spend considerable amount of time in the field standing and shooting.



I suggest you book rooms as soon as you have registered for the workshop.  The locations I conduct my workshops may become seasonally extremely busy.


Individual Responsibility:

The workshop price only covers instructional fee. All lodging, accommodations, meals and transportation are participants responsibility.  I can, at occasion, help connect participants for possible room sharing and/or car pooling.  If you are considering tent/car camping please let me know after registration and I can recommend options.