About Irfan Soomro

I am a Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer from Sammamish, WA.  My choice of photographic subjects is significantly influenced by the natural beauty of Pacific Northwest and Southwest USA.

I consider photography to be the art of 'seeing', and my approach in creating Fine Art Photographs is to harmoniously blend artistic vision with technical excellence. I believe, either one of these on its own does not lead to an emotionally inspiring imagery.  A good Fine Art Photograph is the direct result of an artist’s vision, emotions and intentional creative efforts from capture to enhancement. It is never a straight out of camera image from any camera-lens combination. While camera captures the ‘basic’ scene it could not inject the vision and emotions of an artist in the raw files.

I create fine art photographs by harnessing the beauty of a scene and enhancing it to showcase an image the way I wish to present a scene. For me, creation of such art is a journey of discovery and exploration. Once a scene is captured through the camera in field, the image goes through the creative process of enhancement and optimization in digital darkroom. It is during this creative process where I, as an artist, introduce my vision and emotional content to the photograph.

To create most compelling, aesthetically pleasing and inspiring photographs, I use many tools and techniques. Each image is unique and requires a unique treatment of multiple techniques. It could be a collage of multiple images to create perception of depth or time, aesthetic cropping of frame, stretching select objects, multiple global and local adjustments, cloning or cleaning objects or textures within a frame and other enhancements as guided by my emotions for the scene. My goal has always been to to create Fine Art Photographs which are a convincing rendition of my vision and creativity as opposed to documented reality. Put in other words, I do not confine myself to create an image that necessarily represents something that exists in the real landscape. Rather, my goal is to create a Fine Art Photograph that is pleasing, believable, and is a derived image of a scene one can consider possible, although one may not find the exact same image in nature.

My style has received lot of recognition. To date, my work is displayed in galleries, published in corporate publications, has won awards and published in photographic magazines internationally. I am regularly invited to participate in some of the prestigious art fairs in my region. Admirers worldwide collect my Fine Art Photographs and the number of collectors is steadily growing.

My art work is available as Limited Edition prints and for digital licensing.  Some images are also open ended. The Limited Edition prints have been very well received by collectors. The prints in limited edition collection are capped at 50/100/200 images and once any one is sold out, it is removed from the site. So..... if you like an image here don't wait too long to get one.


Instructional On Location Photography Workshops:  In additional to my successful prints business,  I offer instructional on location workshops in select areas.  I am passionate about seeing people develop in art. Coming from an academia background I LOVE this aspect of my services portfolio. I teach on location photography via hands -on field workshops to help aspiring photographers develop personal style and vision and coach how to get the best out of modern cameras, lenses and other tools.  Photographic art is a combination of artistic and technical skills. It is not one or the other.  During my workshops and separately via Skype, I teach post processing techniques for image enhancement and in person to clients in greater Seattle area.

Post Processing Services:  I selectively offer post processing services for client images. If you have photographic images you would like post processed and enhanced,  please contact me via this web site. 

Most of my clients like to talk to me directly before placing orders either to know the artist personally or to discuss customized solutions.  I am just a phone call away - simply dial 425-891-1362.  I can also be reached via email irfansoomrophoto@outlook.com For Puget Sound customers I am available for onsite consultation as well including for decorative and design.

Please feel welcome to contact me with any question on photographic prints, licensing, custom print sizes, teaching, workshops or about other photography service I offer.  I also encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter, via my home page, and receive timely news and promotions.


Irfan Soomro

Sammamish WA, USA



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